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Supporting communities

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Intellink is always keen to search for synergy wherever it could be of use. Industrialization of agriculture and intensive crop growing in Ukraine reduces needs in the workforce in many rural areas.

"Active involvement of Intellink in these communities is of much value and promise"

HR director of a big agri-company operating over 50 thousand hectares pointed out: “Our company has always been a leader in terms of financing the infrastructure and socio-economic development projects of local communities. Previously, we allocated funds on a charitable basis. But over time, we have come to realize that this format is not fair to all stakeholders. The problem was that this hasn't contributed neither to the sustainable development of settlements, nor to the efficiency in achieving our business goals. Now we are working with Intellink to employ active workforce in rural areas, villages and small towns where we are present".

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