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Transfer Auxiliary Assignments To Professionals

Our Services

Dataset Management

Acquiring, gathering and adjusting applicable data arrays for divers applications. The images, sounds and videos could be generated from publicly available and private sources within required content criteria. Our teams and algorithms are able to process the data to provide necessary variety, calibration and adaptation

Business Process Outsourcing

Customer Support, Back-Office operations, Technical Support and Talent Acquisition: are the primary areas of Intellink BPO services. We have the possibility to create multiple shifts, keeping teams online around the clock, recruit staff that are able to provide support in multiple languages, and use the tools which you prefer

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Sometimes your business requires specific skills that are not immediately available, difficult or expensive to get fast. We offer skilful teams and individuals that possess first class expertise in various industries at reasonable prices

Technical Support

Our Technical support teams provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support for various clients, tailored to their specific needs. Intellink is able to cover all tiers of customer support simultaneously, or provide teams for various tiers, depending on the client’s request. Our teams could support specific software that you work on. It is also possible to create various shifts, to cover different locations and various time zones

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Managing workforce is a task that we could be solely responsible for, letting our clients to participate only in the questions of their choice that are most important for them. They spend less time on overseeing the workforce, and more time on the project outcome. Clients save efforts that otherwise would be invested into finding and training a suitable team for a project, connecting all the dots together

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