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Outsourcing Services Datasets Management

Intelligent Workforce and Exclusive Datasets at Your Service

Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Our teams will free your hands and minds for what is strategic for your business. We will handle with high cost efficiency and precision tedious tasks of customers and technical support, sales and marketing support, back office support.

Our datasets and data annotation capabilities will secure new levels of your business development

Datasets Management

We will help you in acquiring, gathering and adjusting applicable data arrays for building your AI datasets

Business Process Outsourcing

Intelligent workforce at your service for various solutions like customer support, technical and back office support, and talent acquisition

Knowledge Process outsourcing

Sometimes your business requires specific skills that are not immediately available, difficult or expensive to get fast. We will make it working for you at a shot notice

Data Annotation

We support our clients in a broad range of Data Annotation needs such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Sourcing and Data Management. Our teams enable your computer models becoming more accurate and flexible

Smart teams and individuals
Broad range of Datasets

Competent and organised personnel is vital when your projects expand.


The ability to provide at a short notice diverse and reliable teams is one of our advantages. We are able to compose different configurations for various projects, after prior discussion of the client's needs.


Managing workforce is also an area where we are competent in.  Letting our clients to oversee or control only the tasks that are most important for them. Our clients save time and efforts of finding and training suitable personnel for a project, managing of HR related tax, benefits promotions and pension issues.


When it comes to scalability, we have experience in rapidly expanding or downgrading projects. 

We Care About Our Commitments


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Projects Implemented


Countries Worldwide


Focus Industries

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We connect the availability of educated and motivated workforce with needs of growing businesses worldwide. Our BPO services and Data Annotation teams help multiple clients in developing their companies and products 

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