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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As economic output in and around many regional Ukrainian cities drowned, many active people were left without jobs. We aim to help them

In 2020, Intellink launched cooperation with several Ukrainian cities, where supportive leadership, educated workforce and high-speed internet infrastructure are available. This is to continue and expand.

Some places in Ukraine have all three components in, so this makes them attractive to cooperate with. One of these places is Kropyvnytsky, regional center in the Central Ukraine.

Deputy head of Kropyvnytsy region administration commented: “The development of communities directly depends on job availability in the region. In the Soviet times there were plenty of large- and medium size factories in and around the city. Many of them are in ruins, few operate at 20% of their former capacities. As industries around the town slowly drowned, many active people left. With development of IT-segment in Ukraine, Kropyvnytsy could get a “fresh breath". As advanced IT businesses getting attracted to the city, we hope for a better future. People are getting “work from home" jobs, gaining better computer literacy. Part of it is our cooperation with Intellink".

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